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What is Future Officers Fellowship (FOF)?

What is Future Officers Fellowship?

Future Officers Fellowship is a program which exists to provide ongoing support and spiritual guidance to individuals who desire to further explore their unique calling as future Salvation Army officers.

What are the qualifications for membership?

There are specific indicators that must be evident in your Christian life to qualify you to apply for membership:

  • You are a growing Christian
  • You have a current testimony of God's working in your life
  • You spend time in prayer with God every day
  • You are an active, uniform wearing soldier (member of The Salvation Army church) in your corps (church)
  • You feel strongly that God is calling you to officership

Why should I join?

  • To receive at least helpful devotional books and ministry resources which will encourage a deeper and more consistent walk with Christ.
  • To attend divisional and territorial (regional) events designed to encourage FOF members? growth as a disciple and development as an officer.
  • To better understand what it truly means to be an officer
  • To meet with other people who are called to officership
  • To gain helpful insights from those who are either in the process of or have already become an officer
  • Prayer support

How do I apply for membership?

  1. Make an appointment to speak with your corps officers (pastors)Coopers
  2. Have a target year for your entrance into the College for Officer Training (seminary).
  3. Make an appointment to meet with your divisional candidates? secretary if your target year. He or she will meet with you to clarify your plans. Share with them your desire to pursue officership and ask for an application for FOF.
  4. Fill out the application and return it to your corps officer.
  5. Give special attention to the area titled "Preparation Suggestions" and note the areas in which you feel you need further development.
  6. Your corps officer will make his or her comments regarding their role in your leadership development and spiritual growth. They will forward your application to the divisional candidates' secretary, who will present it to the candidates' board for approval.
  7. Once approved, your application is forwarded to the territorial candidates? department where the information is entered into the confidential officer candidate database.
  8. After the application is received we'll send you a letter of welcome, a fellowship pin to wear on your uniform lapel and a covenant bookmark.

Once I'm an FOF member, what should I be doing to prepare myself?

  • Take your calling very seriously and begin focusing on preparing to enter CFOT; even if your target date for training is more than three years away.
  • Make a second appointment with your corps officers to discuss specific ways your leadership and administrative skills can be further developed. Be sure the following are included:
    • Personal spiritual growth including daily devotional plan and study
    • Exposure to and involvement in various corps programs
    • Participation in pastoral care ministries, i.e., visitation to the ill and spiritually hurting
    • Interaction with corps business and administration functions
    • Exposure to community activities
    • Review of personal issues such as physical, academic and fiscal well-being.

Remember, it's up to you to take the initiative!

What are the critical elements for effective preparation?

  • Participate in a daily Bible study for personal growthSimmons2demonstrates Christlikeness in their daily living and is willing to meet with you regularly to hold you accountable to your spiritual growth and formation.
  • Read. If you are not an avid reader, discipline yourself to read at least 15 minutes a day.
  • Learn to manage your time - include hobbies and recreation.
  • Spend time in prayer, fellowshipping with God.


Keep the following considerations in mind:

  • How will my natural talents and abilities contribute to my effectiveness as an officer?
  • What are my spiritual gifts?
  • What are my educational goals? What is my level of discipline in the areas of health and finances?
  • Am I disciplined in prayer and Bible study?


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